Electric outside swing door kits

Electric outside swing door kits

The extremely compact rotary drive generates the rotating movement for the opening and closing of the door panel. Also available is a rotary drive which lifts the door when it is closed. Using this lifting movement in the closing phase, the door panel goes automatically to the "blocked" position using four wedges so guaranteeing a perfect and safe closure of the door panel under all conditions.
Electric rotary drives may be supplied to operate at 12 V or at 24 V.
All rotary drives have an emergency mechanical ignition control in case of electricity blackout.

Door kits can be supplied with two different types of rotary drives :

  1. Ref. 8422.01.D/S rotary drives (12 V) or ref. 8479.01.D/S rotary drives (24 V) only generate a rotation movement, opening-closing the door.

  2. Ref. 8423.00.D/S rotary drives (12 V) ref. 8480.00.D/S rotary drives (24 V), as well as the rotation movement opening-closing the door, also lift the door itself.
    Type A and B motor control door rotation by means of an electronic card that receives door opening-closing signals through micro-switches mounted on the motor.

cod. 8422.01.D (12 V) - cod. 8479.01.D (24 V)
ref. 8422.01.D (12 V)
ref. 8479.01.D (24 V)

cod. 8423.00.D (12 V) - cod. 8480.00.D (24 V)
ref. 8423.00.D (12 V)
ref. 8480.00.D (24 V)