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Industria Serrature Alzacristalli Finestre s.a.s.
whose initial letters stand for the name of the ISAF trademark was established in Mornago (Varese) by Giuseppe Sessa and his son Massimo, two courageous entrepreneurs.
When it started its activity in 1964, ISAF operated in the railway field, where it could stand out because of its innovative projects, windows and locks as well as quality production.


In 1969 began also the production of windows for Buses.  


By then the ISAF trademark was so well known and respected within the national market, to such a leadership that is granted by the Bode Company the license for the construction of "Outside swing doors" for Service Buses and Coaches.
ISAF now found itself in the position to resolve the construction and production problems of the coachbuilders offering complete series of automatic doors.
ISAF partecipated regulary and unfailingly in the major industrial trade fairs of the sector both in Italy and abroad.  



ISAF products are exported to the following countries: Belgium, France,Germany, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Tunisia and USA .
Production is carried out on a covered area of 6.000 sq.m., involving 75 employees.
From a solid base constructed over years there came a shift in priorities from "what" to produce to "how" to produce; this is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification, no. 1456/0.  
The range of products was then strictly structured in five sectors :
- railway carriages
- underground railway carriages
- tram
- urban buses
- coaches
with the following classes of product :
- folding door systems
- inside swing door systems
- outside swing door systems
- sliding door systems
- door panels for underground and railway
- door operators with pneumatic and eletric 

- ISAF rotary power unit system
- swivel motor
- luggage compartment systems with
  manual or pneumatic drive 

- luggage racks, modular systems for

The trademark has been characterising the ISAF product from the very beginning. ISAF as followed the products in their technological development by assuming throughout the various periods the graphical lines which were most suitable for the current time, up to the present layout.

  Trademark ISAF   1964-1974

  Trademark ISAF   1974-1980  

  Trademark ISAF   1980


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